Community Management

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Job Purpose

1. Act as the Social Media and Community Management and regularly communicate findings to the Project Manager and Game Master.
2. Run innovative social campaigns that capture the interest of your community and constantly drive both engagement rates and community size.
3. Prepare creative briefs and manage all published content (images, video and written).
4. Be responsible for the Social Media activity of responsible games across all channels: in-game, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, forums, etc.
5. Develop and expand community outreach efforts.
6. Identify the most common issues based on community feedback, regularly prepare internal reports and escalate issues quickly and efficiently to all relevant internal parties when necessary.
7. Monitor discussions and trends within fan bases on all channels, including social media channels and game websites.
8. Regularly analyze social campaigns and translate the qualitative data results into actionable recommendations for future social media campaigns.


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Job Purpose 1. Act as the Social Media and Community

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